It is with regret that Féile Luimnigh Executive Committee has to announce that it will not be possible to hold Féile Luimnigh in 2022. We had really hoped to, and we know that this decision will cause a lot of disappointment to students, teachers and parents alike.

We have discussed the issues in detail and at length at various Zoom committee meetings over the past couple of months, and we awaited Government decisions on October 22nd before making our own final decision. Viewed at this point (October 31st 2021), with rising Covid-19 infection rates, increasing hospitalisations, and as we are heading into the winter months, it is difficult to plan for competitions starting in January 2022 with any degree of confidence.

Paramount in making this decision has been the health and safety of all involved in Féile Luimnigh. Running the competitions in the current circumstances, with a consequent restriction on attendees, would have led to many changes to our usual format that would have been unsatisfactory. Furthermore, such constraints on capacity would have limited our ability to generate the necessary income from our enthusiastic audience to cover the costs of running Féile Luimnigh.

Having been fortunate to run successful Féile Luimnigh competitions in early 2020, it is our judgement therefore that there are significant impediments to achieving a successful festival in 2022.  Taking such a risk at this time could have serious implications for the sustainability of the competitions into the future, particularly given the limited resources at the disposal of the committee.

We are particularly sorry that we cannot provide this valued opportunity for all the young people who enjoy taking part year by year, but it is our sincere hope that we will be able to return in 2023.

 Féile Luimnigh Executive Committee

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